Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a week does the team practice?                                                                                                      The competitive team practices Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Young competitive members would practice less. Non-competitive programs, such as recreation, practice one hour, once a week.

Is the SOAR Team affiliated with the Georgian Jumpers?
No; although we both share the same love of our sport, the Georgian Jumpers are not affiliated with the SOAR Rope Skipping Team.

What is the cost of competitive skipping?
The annual membership cost is $300 which includes competitive ropes and a team backpack.

What programs do you offer?
We offer a competitive program, recreation program, fun family fitness program and adult fitness program.

Do you accept donations?
Yes, we graciously accept financial support.

Are you part of a school program?
We are not affiliated with a school program although we do practice in local schools.

How many competitions do you attend?
The number of competitions attended each season depends on the age of the athlete, the skill level of the athlete and the team goals. A young, first year skipper may only attend one competition and a senior athlete may compete in five or more competitions.

What age can compete?
The youngest age to compete is five and the oldest age category at a competition is 30+.

Do you get a uniform?
The SOAR uniforms are used by team members but remain the property of the SOAR team.

Do you fundraise?
The SOAR team fundraises often to offset the costs incurred by the team. The fundraisers are planned at the beginning of each skipping season.

What kind of ropes does the team use?
There are many types of ropes used to compete. For single rope freestyle, young athletes start with a beaded rope, then a licorice rope. As seniors, they may use a cable rope. For single rope speed, a wire rope is used. For double dutch, the SOAR team uses beaded ropes. Non-competitive programs typically use beaded ropes.

Where do you perform?
As a competing and performing team, we love to perform whenever and wherever possible. We perform locally at schools and various events also provincially and internationally at various events when requested.

Are parents involved?
Parents are very involved if their child is on the competitive team. The sport of rope skipping is volunteer based and as such it is reliant on volunteers. First year parents are expected to help with fundraisers and observe the sport. After the first year, parents are expected to fundraise and volunteer their time at competitions by judging or helping where needed.