We are a competitive team who endeavours to attend a regional, provincial, national and world tournament each year. We also see ourselves as ambassadors for fitness within the community of Parry Sound, outlying areas and beyond. We work hard to be role models for healthy living by providing recreational rope skipping right in the elementary schools. Our athletes are aware of the strong influence they have on their peers as they teach, mentor and encourage young people in the joy of jump rope.

Not only will we be teaching skills to our young people, as well the Soar Rope Skipping Team is in contact with Jump Rope for Heart. Each year the team continues to be involved by having our athletes perform at schools participating in Jump Rope for Heart programs.

As you can imagine, travelling to four competitions with five athletes and a head coach is quite costly. Our fund-raising strategies include bake sales, car washes, an ongoing gift card program, flower bulb sales, merchant discount cards and many other community based events. However, with world competition travel being held further away this year than ever before, we are also relying on our communities donations and generosity to help our athletes perform on the world stage.

Upcoming fund-raising events within local communities can be found in our event calender while a donation to assist in the travel costs for the team can be made through Paypal soon.

Thank you for your continued support within the community and in helping make these young athlete’s dreams a reality.