The Coach

Coach Shawnna

The sport of rope skipping is fun filled, energetic, encouraging and fulfilling. I have been coaching rope skipping for nine years and have enjoyed every athlete I have had the pleasure of working with. One of my goals is to be helpful in encouraging our youth, to help them realize that with their hard work they can achieve any and all of their dreams. They can SOAR!! The SOAR team promotes this vision by performing in schools, in the community, teaching and instructing in various programs.


2014 Provincial Coaching Award

There were several nominations for the 2014 Becky L’Homme Memorial Coaching award. The words that were common amongst all of the letters received to describe this year’s nominated coach were, mentor, psychologist, friend, second mother, respect, patient, endearing, diligence, perseverance and positive communicator.

All of these qualities and attributes are describing the 2014 winner – Shawnna McGill.

Words from some of the athletes on her team:
• Whenever we get a bad score at practice or a routine doesn’t go as well as it could of, Shawnna only sees the positive side of it. She sees how it means we have more room to improve and turns it into a learning experience.
• Shawnna always knows just what to say to each and every one of us.
• We all feel as though we are her children as she loves us all equally.
• She spends time outside of the gym coaching us to be better individuals then any person could ask of a coach.
• Shawnna goes over and above the coaching duties to help us mentally and physically.
• No matter where we are, what we’re doing, or who we are with, I can always count on the coach to make things a little better.
• Shawnna always gives us a good laugh at practice with her crazy sense of humour and bright personality.
• I don’t see how we ever came to deserve such a wonderful women, coach and mentor.
The Becky L’Homme Memorial Award is awarded each year at the provincial championships. It is presented to a coach who exemplifies the leadership and dedication to the sport and their community. The award is named after the late Becky L’Homme former athlete, and more recently dedicated coach. Becky was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at one month old (as her older sister had already been diagnosed), and fought the disease for 25 years. Although she was battling CF Becky was dedicated to the sport of skipping. She attended practices and always pushed the skippers to their best potential. Becky’s heart made her the coach she was, it was most important to her that the kids enjoy & have fun first & foremost, even at competition.