Soar Rope Skipping

Competitive Team Profile:

SOAR Rope Skipping Team is a non-profit association located in beautiful Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. The SOAR competitive athletes are passionate about their unique sport. They each train a minimum of six hours per week on their rope skipping skills and routines. Being an involved and positive role model in our community is also a very important part of the SOAR athletes training. One of the team goals is to spread their love of Rope Skipping and encourage other children to also work hard to achieve their dreams. The SOAR athletes hold recreation programs locally, work with Jump Rope for Heart to promote wellness, instruct at workshops and perform at various events.

Non-competitive programs:

Recreational Team Profile:

SOAR mini skipper recreation program is a fun and exciting activity for children ages 5-12. The mini skippers learn from the SOAR athletes who have many years of rope skipping experience and are always happy to share their knowledge. The program is designed to help children develop a foundation for all physical fitness activities by improving such things as balance, co-ordination, flexibility all in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Family Fun Fitness:

SOAR Family Fun Fitness is a program designed for families to spend time together in an active environment. The program will give kids the opportunity to be in a leadership role, gain confidence, and most of all, have fun in a relaxed and educational environment. There are many health benefits to rope skipping for all ages to enjoy.

Adult Program:

The SOAR fitness program is an opportunity for adults over 14 to be active and acquire all the health benefits of rope skipping in a fun and fast paced environment. Our program is designed to be a complete workout in a third of the time (10 minutes skipping= 30 minutes jogging).